Fleet Notice -- Regarding Spire Provisions!

The new Tac consoles from the spire are a hot item, Everyone wants them for their ships with a LOT of ships out there yet to be refitted. 

Considering we are trudging towards Spire Tier III, we currently cannot keep provisions in stock KDF side,

However. we are four days from finishing the regular projects required to finish off the two development tiers (Research already done and Operations almost there).

At the end of the four days, what is needed to finish off the spire's development KDF-side is simply to slot the upgrade project for Operations first, wait for it to go through timer and then slot the overall Spire Tier III upgrade project.

But what you the player wants to hear .... In four days time, we can begin slotting nothing but provision projects ... one right after the other. 

As new provisions come available, please remember that everyone wants to outfit their toons ... so remember to be considerate in staggering your ship refits so others can also work on theirs at the same time. 

And know this ... Give us a few weeks and we will have a nice surplus of provisions in the spire ... just like we have in the KDF mine!