Science Destroyers for everyone!

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Science Destroyers for everyone!

Get three factions for the price of two!

"We hope you enjoy flying these powerful new Romulan Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers as much as we enjoyed making them. All three will be available in the C-Store for individual sale (2,500 ZEN) or as a 3-pack bundle (5,000 ZEN; over 33% savings!) this Thursday, February 20th around 10AM PST. As the Klingon and Starfleet factions also each have a 3-pack bundle of Advanced Dyson Science Destroyers, for even more savings, you can choose to purchase all 9 ships in a 9-pack bundle (10,000 ZEN; over 55% savings!). NOTE: Purchasing any one of the 9 ships individually, or any one of the 3-pack bundles, will make the account ineligible to purchase the 9-pack bundle. Also, purchasing one of the factional ships individually will make the account ineligible to purchase that faction’s 3-pack bundle"