Craft now or Crap later!

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Craft now or Crap later!

This doesn't look good at all. 

For those with banks filled with crafting stuff, we need a batch conversions for the thousands of anomalies that we have, but we don't have such a thing. For now we are confined to doing it one click at a time. 

It appears that our dedicated crafters will be reset to zero experience. This means having to make, and destroy many items before we can craft something useful.... again. So great cost and lots of time will be needed to regain what we had achieved earlier.

Crafting will be duty officer driven. Not having the right duty officers will be a serious impediment. This is yet another layer of cost and time over our heads. Then items will cost TONS of dilithium in spite of everything else. And since making crafting a duty officer mission, that means you might lose everything you invested into making a piece of gear... even dilithium!

I see no win here at this time.