Treaties & Trade Agreements

This page outlines current treaties and trade agreements that Alliance Central Command has with other fleets.

Vulcan Kolinar Fleet
Trade Agreement / Treaty 

In exchange for VKF members having access to our KDF Tier V shipyard, A.C.C. members have access to V.K.F.'s Tier IV (soon to be Tier V) shipyard. 


"NoP Public Service" Network
via. Public In-game Chat Channel

A.C.C. members are encouraged to join and participate in the NoP Public Service in-game chat channel where players in Star Trek Online can submit requests for access to the fleet holdings of higher tiered fleets and the fleet stores they have unlocked. What this does is draw on the provisions of the member seeking access' home fleet (for an A.C.C. member, that would be our provisions) yet give them access to the higher end-game fleet gear they are seeking. 

Please note that this is NOT available for fleet ships which are procured differently in game. 

In exchange for our members participating, we have volunteers within our fleet (especially KDF-side) who keep an eye out for others on that channel needing access to fleet holdings that we have already completed as a way of returning the favor.