Fleet News

Fleet Notice -- Regarding Spire Provisions!

The new Tac consoles from the spire are a hot item, Everyone wants them for their ships with a LOT of ships out there yet to be refitted. 

Considering we are trudging towards Spire Tier III, we currently cannot keep provisions in stock KDF side,

Welcome to Our New Home

At 4:40pm (EST) on Christmas Eve, we went ahead and transferred to our fleet's new website. 

The reason? ... The old site went down yet again, meaning it was time to switch over to a place which is much more reliable. 

A side-effect of switching to the new site design is that fleet members will have to re-register at the new website as we started with a clean slate this time ... apologies for the inconvenence, but hopefully it will be worth it. 

Work in Progress

Welcome to future CIC for Alliance Central Command. 

Currently, we are redeveloping our website to better reflect who we are. 

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